Sunday School Resources Distributed

New Bibles, including Tamil and Sinhala Bibles from the Bible Society of India and Ceylon Bible Society, were distributed over the last several weeks to members of the congregations and mission stations of the Ceylon Evangelical Lutheran Church.

In response to a request from missionary Rev. Dr. Naumann, CEO of CELPH, for information on needed resources, CELC Priests and Senior Evangelists furnished lists of which Bibles were needed, how many, and what other resources.

ca5be407-9a90-4ef0-8f5a-3780c8a1546bIn turn the lists were handed in with requests for Bibles, Sunday School materials and copies of the Small Catechism with explanation, which was published by Lutheran Heritage Foundation, India.

It is hoped that these resources will help build up the educational quality in areas where resources are few, but there is a hunger for knowledge and desire to learn.

Thanks for the Bible distribution project to generous donors from the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, USA. And thanks for the Catechism distribution and Sunday School materials including “101 Bible Stories” to generosity of Lutheran Heritage Foundation. The success of this project is a wonderful example of the cooperation of CELPH with all CELC workers, LCMS, LHF, and Bible distributors CBS and BSI.
Special big thank you to Mr. Nathan and Porter Vijaykumar who left at 4am and got back 1am next day to personally deliver all materials.

New Bibles Given in Yathiyantota