Life of Augustine: Tamil


The Early Christian Literature Series makes the writings of the Church Fathers accessible in Tamil and Sinhala, thereby opening up the study of Christian history and heritage, to enable a greater appreciation and understanding of Early Christianity, and to inspire all people to live according to God’s gracious calling.

These writings communicate the faith and life of the saints who lived long ago, and yet they also testify to the transcendence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a Gospel for all people, which surpasses every boundary of culture, time, and place.


Augustine of Hippo (354-430) is renowned throughout the world as one of the greatest Christian thinkers and writers of all time, and his works continue to illumine and guide the Church today. A man of humble spirit, but with a great heart, Augustine lived a truly remarkable life, of which the world is truly blessed to have a description, in this Life of Saint Augustine.
The author of this biography, Possidius, had frequent direct contact with Augustine, both as a close friend and as a contemporary North African bishop in Calama, Numidia.

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