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Beheaded Martyr Still Witnessing

He converted to Christianity as a young man, and subsequently became an avid defender of the Christian faith. He published books, he taught publicly and boldly, and stood up against the enemies of the Church. With clarity he opposed the false accusations of atheism, cannibalism, and incest, which were being made openly against Christians. Eventually, however, for his confession that he was a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, he was arrested and beheaded around the year A.D. 165.

It has been almost 1,900 years since Justin was martyred, and gave up his life for Christ. Today his confession continues, as the account of his death for Christ is translated for the first time into Sinhala ( and Tamil (

In addition, one of Justin’s most famous works, a defence of the Christian faith, is now published in Tamil and Sinhala for the first time.

Justin Martyr’s First Apology may now be viewed online in Tamil ( and in Sinhala (

We encourage all Christians in all the Churches of Sri Lanka and beyond: read, learn, and grow! This living member of Christ’s body still has something to say to you!

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  1. Congratulation. ….
    Is there any hope publish in Malayalam language?
    I am a Lutheran pastor in Kerala.

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