CELPH is pleased to be able today to publish online editions of ‘Didache‘ or ‘The Lord’s Teaching through the Twelve Apostles, to the Nations’, in both Sinhala and Tamil. Didache is the Greek word that means ‘teaching’.

The online editions, together with links to easy-to-print downloadable versions, may be found at the following webpages:

The Didache is an anonymous work, dating to the 1st Century A.D., and offers precious insight to the doctrine and practice of the Apostolic age and the Early Christian Church.

This work is now added to the 2nd century works, the Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians in Tamil and Sinhala, and the Martyrdom of Polycarp in Tamil and Sinhala, which were published online last week, as the first works of the Church Fathers to become available online in these languages.

We look forward to providing you with more such publications in the near future.

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