New resources in Sinhala and Tamil languages are made available today, on, the website of the Ceylon Evangelical Lutheran Publishing House (CELPH).

Two short writings from the second century A.D., the “Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians”, together with the “Martyrdom of Polycarp”, were translated locally in Sri Lanka, into the Tamil and Sinhala languages, typeset into unicode fonts for online publication, then edited and uploaded to the website.

The four writings may be accessed by visiting: and, and clicking on the relevant links.

The decision was made to publish these texts online, to give universal access, for the benefit of as many people as possible, and for a maximum distribution globally. For the same reason, although the Ceylon Evangelical Publishing House owns copyright to these works, permission is also being given for printing and distribution, for private or public use. Plans are underway to publish these short works in paper-and-print format within Sri Lanka, at an affordable price, either separately, or as part of a larger volume of Early Christian Literature. In the meantime, visitors to the website are welcome to read, print, and share.

These are only the first of many future publications to be made freely available online, in Sinhala, Tamil, and other languages, for the unrestricted benefit and edification of the Church. It is hoped that these resources will serve all interested Sinhalese and Tamil people, of all denominations and backgrounds, no matter where on the globe they happen to live.

St. Polycarp’s letter is a fitting first publication. Polycarp learned the Christian faith from the apostle St. John, and later became bishop of Smyrna. Finally his martyrdom became a cause for all Christians to celebrate his life and confession of faith.

The work of CELPH is facilitated and sponsored by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

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